Rif. 2530 € 5,000,000 For Sale Portocannone


This enchanting winery that we offer for sale overlooks the sun-kissed coastline of the Adriatic Sea and onto the Tremiti Islands. This dynamic and innovative winery takes full advantage of the terroir’s outstanding potential for top-quality wine production. Located at an altitude of 150 metres, the vineyards are protected by a natural basin, closed to the west by the Apennines. Located on gentle alluvial slopes, the vineyards enjoy excellent ventilation from every direction, with hot sunny days followed by cool nights. The property features 37 hectares of vineyards devoted to quality wine-making. Soil characteristics, exposure and microclimate have been carefully studied for every single vineyard in order to find the most suitable varieties, rootstocks and clones. The vineyards are all planted in rows, with Guyot and spurred cordon pruning systems. The grape harvest lasts from August 20th to October 20th approximately, while the vinification and aging of the wines are carried out using the most modern technologies. Coastal wines, with their own unique brackish identity nourished by iodine-laden sea breezes, are the quintessential expression of a land suspended between sky and sea. The company produces wines derived from both international grape varieties (Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah), and native ones (Montepulciano, Tintilia, Falanghina). The winery's leadership has developed a charming marketing and paved the way for new export routes over the past years. Yet, the winery still has a great potential to increase its production as well as expand its clientele. This Molise property is at the heart of a land rich in history and traditions, where the agricultural and pastoral activities of the inner land mingle with the maritime activities of the coast which is about 10 km away. Portocannone is a village with a mild climate due to its proximity to the sea. Culture, tradition, folklore and the Ionian Albanian origins are the characteristics that pervade it.

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2317 600000 Winery Farm G


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